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Our productive approach is
driven by search
relentless for quality,
sustainability and security.

We invest in practices that not only improve our processes, but highlight our commitment to excellence!

Integrated management system for efficient controls;

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and FSC® certifications;

We meet IATF 16949 requirements;

Proven qualification in international quality and safety standards.

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Come and understand more
about each certification and
how it impacts you:

Mazurky Selo ISO9001

ISO 9001

Defines requirements for quality management, aiming to manage customer expectations and needs; business risks and opportunities, aiming at the process of continuous improvement and satisfaction.

Mazurky ISO 9001
Mazurky ISO 14001
Mazurky Selo ISO14001

ISO 14001

Defines requirements for the organization to establish its relationship with the environment and manage the operation to reduce the environmental impacts caused by activities, in addition to establishing a commitment to preserving the environment through actions aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Mazurky Selo ISO45001

ISO 45001

It aims to protect and ensure that the organization's employees have a healthy and safe work environment. It aims to identify dangers and potential risks related to its activities and act preventively to ensure the integrity of its employees or third parties acting on its behalf.
Mazurky ISO 45001
Mazurky FSC
Mazurky Selo FSC


FSC® is an internationally recognized forest certification system, which identifies, through its logo, products originating from good forest management. See our Self-Declaration. All of our products are available with FSC® certification upon request.

IATF 16949

The IATF 16946 standard was developed in collaboration by members of the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and forwarded to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for approval and publication. Based on ISO 9001 and local automotive quality standards, it offers fluid integration with other management systems.

Mazurky IATF 16949

Commitment and
involvement are keywords to achieve such a position!

The involvement of our management is also a primary requirement for obtaining and maintaining certifications. Action is fundamental for employee engagement, essential for compliance with all policies, standards and procedures that keep the Integrated Management System (SGI) alive and fully functioning.

We continually invest in motivating and improving employees to see the SGI as a tool for permanent improvement, growth and achievement of results.

With all this effort, we publicly demonstrated the existence of a system in accordance with international standards, which impacts the market and product pricing. The results went further and brought more solidity to the brand, improved productivity and sustainable practices, adding value to the concept and contributing to the positioning of the brand, which today is a reference in the corrugated cardboard market, occupying an important level and being a reference company in the Marketplace.