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Tratamento e reaproveitamento de água Redução de consumo de energia elétrica Reaproveitamento dos residuos de produção Redução do número de insumos na produção Conscientização sobre práticas e comportamentos sustentáveis

The world breathes sustainability. As this concept is widespread, conscious companies engage themselves to rethink practices and adopt a committed attitude towards the planet.

It has been a long time since Mazurky’s operations are based on actions that minimize impacts and preserve environment, such as monitoring paint, adhesive, and film stretch consumption. The company also keeps a continuous search for systems that enable the reduction of the consumption of renewable resources, such as electric power.

Mazurky recycles wastes generated by the production process and resells shavings to a recycling company. Every month, about twenty-five thousand kilos of cardboard shavings are recycled, saving hundreds of trees.

The word innovation is also in our portfolio. Based on the requirements of SMA (Environment Secretariat) resolution - 038 (click here to read the full text), of August 2nd, 2011, Mazurky was the first company in the industry to develop a collection plan for the sold cardboard packages, making it feasible to recycle the raw materials and minimize the environmental impact. At the time, the company appointed a committee of employees supported by a specialized consultancy firm to systematically monitor the program performance.

Mazurky has also deployed a pilot plan, which included, for example, identifying as recyclable material the packages used for transport and storage of large volumes. Another action provided in the proposal is making feasible the recycling of packages (paperboard and cardboard) by associations of waste collectors, outsourced companies, or even the city’s public service. The responsibility for the final destination is shared by the companies that trade and distribute our products.

Thanks to this philosophy, Mazurky has become more competitive in the different key parameters for its maintenance and development in the market - such as financial performance, investments costs, compliance with a more and more rigorous legislation, civil and criminal accountability, a sound financial vision, industrial production qualification, liabilities for environmental and labor impacts, costs reductions, internalized culture. As a result of the efforts made, it increased its portfolio of customers and segments served by Mazurky’s products.

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