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Each productive stage in Mazurky is guided by quality and continuous improvement of processes. Investments in
Sustainability, occupational health and safety provide a better environment for employees and,
Quality in the final product of the company.

In 2011, Mazurky won the NBR ISO14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certifications, in partnership with the consulting firm Proquali. The first refers to the environment, and the second refers to occupational health and safety. The company has used total effort at all levels, under rigorous monitoring and measurement of process performance. Mazurky also has the NBR ISO9001: 2008 certificate, since 2007, which seeks to standardize the entire production process of the organization, as well as the management and control of productivity.

The commitment to make the company sustainable, made Mazurky invest in quality. Commitment and involvement are keywords to achieve such a position. That's why all the controls of the company are managed by a quality management area, committed to maximum customer satisfaction and employee safety.

The commitment and involvement of the management are essential requirements for the scope of certifications and the basis for the participation and enthusiasm of employees, essential for compliance with all procedures and work instructions that are what keeps them alive and working Fully integrated the Integrated Management System (SGI), implemented since 2011. Mazurky invests continuously in the motivation and improvement of the collaborators, so that they do not see in the SGI an obstacle to the execution of the tasks of the day to day, But an excellent tool for continuous improvement, growth and reach of results.

Although the global economy has some instability, the number of companies is beginning to make efforts and moves towards sustainability, which now represents a significant potential of opportunities. For an organization to guarantee its success, it is imperative that it offers its clients what they do not expect, thus exceeding their expectations and demands. Mazurky, believing in this movement and understanding that sustainability is not fad, invests in this dynamic of the eye in the coming decades, trusting that the future of organizations will only be sustainable by harmonizing the economic, social (human), and environmental tripod.

After the certifications, the performance was measured in addition to the billing, for the environmental and social aspects. By associating quality, productivity and profitability with respect to the environment and employees, the company changed a lot. He contracted a specialized advice and happened to have contact with procedures and norms that he did not know. Since the implementation of the quality policy, the benefits have been innumerable, not counting the increase of customer satisfaction, the gain in the agility of processes and in the safety of all employees.

Quality policy always seems a challenge, but it can change the whole course of a company. And so it was with Mazurky. As a responsible company, socio-environmentally and certified in the standards of Quality Management, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, Mazurky publicly demonstrates the existence of a system conforming to international standards, which infers in the market and in the fixation of the product. The results went further and brought more solidity to the brand, improved productivity, sustainable practices, adding value to the concept and contributing to the positioning of reference that it currently occupies.

Ambientalmente Adequada
Socialmente Sustentável
Econômicamente Viável

Certification that ensures correct forest management through ten principles, including the efficient use of multiple forest products and services, workers 'and communities' well-being, biodiversity conservation, detailed management plan, monitoring and evaluation of Environmental and social impacts.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

Standardization of the productive process of the organization, in addition to the administration and control of productivity. Focused on continuous improvement, organizational results and customer satisfaction.

OHSAS 18001 (Saúde e Segurança Ocupacional)
OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety)

This is the concern of the company with the health and safety of its partners and partners. The participation of employees in the implementation process of this system is, as in the others, of fundamental importance, because it is through this help during the implementation process that the employee perceives how valuable and essential for the organization, Final it is they who make it exist and stay alive.

ISO14001 (Meio Ambiente)
ISO14001 (Environment)

Review throughout the production process, aiming at the conscious use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, raw materials and inputs, as well as reducing waste, practicing reverse logistics and responsible waste disposal. The optimization of the use of raw material and input also reflects in the reduction and / or reuse of waste.


# Implementation and monitoring of a rigorous plan of objectives and goals of quality, environment, health and safety of the work for all the significant processes;

# Continuous development of actions aimed at improving the competence of employees;

# Implantation of monitoring in the management of the equipment in terms of demand contracted with the energy concessionaire, which allows proactive action in terms of limits that promote excess consumption and use of renewable natural resources;

#Implantation and continuous monitoring of the quality control of the environment (water, noise and air) in the production of the products and services of the organization;

# Systematic implementation of evaluations of attention to legal requirements that cover environmental impacts and risks of health and safety of work as an instrument with scope inside and outside the organization with a firm intention to guarantee production with responsibility and respect to stakeholders and the environment ( Water, noise and air) in the production of the products and services of the organization;


At each request, Mazurky customers evaluate the care received. Any comments that warrant corrective action are immediately addressed, and the client is duly informed of the action taken.

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