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Mazurky is a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of cartons and/or corrugated cardboard accessories.

It uses high technology to offer market solutions that exceed its expectations and ensure productivity gains, developing cardboard packages from heavy-duty Kraft to the recycled ones. Relying on a team of highly-skilled, qualified salespeople, offering the best alternatives and possibilities to companies that, more than packages, are looking for a premium service and after-sales service.

In the market for over a decade now, this traditional company located in the ABC paulista area invests in cutting-edge technology, with state-of-the-art equipment and a great capacity to manufacture packages of all sizes and shapes.

Mazurky also pays particular attention to turning its packages into an important advertising channel for the companies, seeking innovative designs that can value even more the brands of the companies in our portfolio.

Mazurky was founded in 2004 by brothers Eduardo and Marcel Mazurkyewistz, who believed in their dream and invested in developing a cardboard packages factory to exceed the market’s expectations. From the beginning, their work was focused on a well-structured planning, which allowed the company to grow, achieving goals and going beyond every day.

They have put faith in strategy, working, and engagement with customers and suppliers as the only way to succeed. Bottom line: a modern company that grows every day always focused on customer’s satisfaction and conveying reliability through a premium sales team that live up to the expectations of the market.

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Rua General Izidoro Dias Lopes, 291 - Paulicéia
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+55 (11) 4355-6600



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